IPRax® provides information on all substantial changes in the field of cross-border legal relations with the intention of serving as a forum for scholarship and practice and to offer reliable information, easy navigation and concise argumentation to better assist legal practitioners. It identifies legal innovations at an early stage. Legislative projects are followed critically so that undesirable developments can be pointed out right away. IPRax® encompasses all of civil and procedural law. Over the last few years the magazine has prioritized the fields of contract law, law of property, commercial and procedural law including international arbitration law, but it is also still committed to international family law and the law of succession.

The journal articles provide a systematic overview on legal areas, jurisprudential developments as well as on new state treaties, European regulations and national statutes, or they address particular legal issues.

In the section on legal decisions, all relevant decisions by the European Court of Justice and the Federal Court of Justice as well as important or interesting decisions by lower instance courts are printed. The corresponding reviews of the decisions help to provide a better understanding of them. The editors refer to additional decisions in brief comments in the summary of the decisions.

A view abroad informs of decisions of foreign courts, of new foreign law and of legal developments noteworthy for German commercial and legal transactions. Important but somewhat inaccessible legal texts – like foreign private international laws – are published as materials (regularly translated into German). Reports and notifications on conferences and other things are also included.

The category „International Agreements“ keeps track of innovations in the field of relevant treaties that are important for German legal procedures. The references to current literature provide an overview far beyond Germany and Europe of the important publications in foreign and private international law. At times, book reviews are also published. The latest news completes every issue.

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